Game Analysis


Chris Foley Golf Schools is proud to offer Shot By Shot to analyze our student’s games. The result is the most accurate game analysis available using a database that now exceeds 33,000 rounds. Shot by Shot has been featured repeatedly in GOLF Magazine and Golf Digest.

Using Shot by Shot is simple:

1. Record simple data as you play:
- Greens hit in regulation
- Chip and pitch shots within 50 yards of the hole
- Sand shots
- Putting data

2. Enter your data at

3. Analyze your round

4. Focus your improvement efforts

The software identifies your greatest opportunity for improvement and once you have identified the part(s) of your game that are costing you the most strokes, you can focus your efforts and accelerate your improvement.

Through Chris Foley Golf Schools get $30.00 off the normal price of $79.00 per year.

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