Our Technology

We use the most advanced technology available to get the best performance with our students. Our technology speeds the learning process, creates better understanding, and makes our lessons more fun.

Trackman Launch Monitor / Club Fitting 
This is the newest technology available and measures ball flight in terms of ball speed, launch angle, backspin, sidespin, and push-pull angle. Using ball flight data, a golfer can be fit into a golf club that optimizes distance. This is by far the most sophisticated and efficient way to get a driver that will truly improve your game.  

Video Analysis / JC Video

We use the most technologically advanced video system to analyze the golf swing. JC Video system allows us to show the student exactly why they are producing their ball flight and how to correct it. Following the lesson, the student receives an assessment of what they need to work on.

Putting Analysis – TOMI Putt

Our digital video putting system enables us to accurately measure the putting stroke characteristics and pin point potential areas of improvement. The system helps determine optimum putting technique and equipment setup.  

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