Future Champions Program

 Reach Your Goals and Potential!

The Future Champions program is designed for the high school golfer and future college golfer.

The focus of the program is on playing competitive golf and helping players take their games to a new level.

Providing year-round, high intensity, individual event and golf specific training.   Individual 1 on 1 instruction with organized Supervised Practice Sessions.

Key Concepts:
Preparing and performing skills under a variety of competitive conditions during training.
Pitching- shot selection, stance balance and tempo.
Chipping- loft of club, stance and ball position
Bunkers- face angle, stance, ball position, spin vs roll
Sloping Lies- uphill, downhill, sidehill, ball position, body angle, balance and tempo.

Program benefits:
  • 10 individual lessons 
  • Unlimited Supervised Practice Sessions   
  • Practice notes & plans following each lesson emailed to you and your parents following each lesson
  • Full Swing Assessment
  • Short Game Assessment
  • Putting Assessment
  • Club Performance Evaluation
  • Mental Game Workshop Profile.  This is an outstanding tool that guides you how to prepare, practice, and compete based on your personality style.
  • Binder for drills, assessments, videos, and plans to track your progress
  • Rule of golf training
  • Course management
  • Summer tournament planning
  • College golf requiting consulting 
$875.00 – includes Cragun’s Par 3/Range Membership ($125.00 value)
$800.00 – without membership
$1150.00 – includes Cragun’s Copper Membership ($395.00 value)

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