Putting Instruction
  • Do you wonder which putter is the right one for you and your stroke?
  • Ever wonder which areas of your stroke are consistent and which need attention?
  • Do you know what drills are best to practice to embed a consistent putting stroke?
  • Perhaps you are putting well and you want to identify why for future reference!

Chris Foley Golf Schools utilizes high speed video and the TOMI putting analysis program in all of our putting instruction. The system accurately measures the putting stroke characteristics and pin points potential areas of improvement. The system helps determine optimum putting technique and equipment set-up.

Below are the areas that the program can analyze on each and every stroke. Most important; which areas are consistent and which are inconsistent.

The above analysis printout accompanies your lesson and includes:

  • Toe-Heel – The impact position of the ball on the putter face
  • Face Angle (at impact) – Where is the face at impact – open/closed/square
  • Path Angle – Is your stroke symmetrical or more out-to-in or in-to-out
  • Path Arc – The radius of your stroke is either; small, large or straight
  • Head Speed – speed of putter at impact
  • Acceleration – measures putter accelerating, decelerating, or constant at impact
  • Rhythm – the amount of time for the backstroke compared to the forward stroke
  • Back Stroke – compares the length of the backstroke to the forward stroke length
  • Putter Loft & Lie – measures the loft and lie at impact
  • Ball Roll – Shows if the ball is rolling, skidding or hopping off of your putter

The software also analyses the relationship of the putter face to the path of the stroke. The graphics indicate if the face of the putter is open, closed or square in relation to the path of the stroke. (RED = open face/Blue = closed face / WHITE = square face to the stroke path)

A face angle can also be influenced by the path angle of the putter. The analysis system will show the back and forward stroke as seen below.

Improvement is accelerated expediently when a player knows exactly when errors are occurring during the stroke. The ability to improve is guaranteed through meaningful practice.

Rates for Putting Instruction 
$95 - 1 Session*
$270 - Series of 3
$425 - Series of 5
$800 - Series of 10 
$1500 - Series of 20
*Sessions are 45 minutes each